Image of the Month – November 2016. In the “golden light” of the late afternoon, this male bird is flying with its gular pouch partly inflated. Usually, male Frigatebirds roost in bushes and point their large inflated pouches skyward to attract females sailing overhead.  Perhaps this bird had been unsuccessful in attracting a mate and […]


Portrait Image of the Month – November 2016 A delicate and beautiful “selfie” as this bird gazes into the lens.  Most wildlife in the Galapagos Islands are completely unperturbed by human visitors. On a mobile device, touch once to see caption, twice to see image. If using a mouse, click any image below to view carousel  


Prints of images taken by Peter Cavanagh for the How Birds Fly exhibit can be obtained from Science Source. Please fill in the form below if you are interested in purchasing any other images from the website. Most prints are available in the following sizes on archival paper: | 5”x7 “ | 8”x10” | 8.5”x11” | […]