Image of the Month – March 2017 The adult Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) has a wingspan of more than 10 feet.  This soaring bird was photographed from a clifftop in Chilean Patagonia. The view shows the spread of the more than 30 inch long primary feathers, the broad tail, the crest on top of the […]


Portrait Image of the Month – March  2017   In a colony of more than 500 breeding pairs of Southern Rockhoppers, this appeared to be the only full albino chick.  The key to the photograph was waiting for the remarkable chance that the chick would climb above its many neighbors in the crowded colony and then […]


Prints of images taken by Peter Cavanagh for the How Birds Fly exhibit can be obtained from Science Source. Please fill in the form below if you are interested in purchasing any other images from the website. Most prints are available in the following sizes on archival paper: | 5”x7 “ | 8”x10” | 8.5”x11” | […]