BIRDS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST and some Southern Hemisphere Favorites This exhibit ran at the Seattle Aquarium  from March -November 2018.  All images are printed on metal and the majority are 36″ x 24″. Photographer’s Statement: Learning about and observing birds has provided me with an access point into the connected web of natural ecosystems.  […]

How Birds Fly @ The Seattle Museum of Flight

An exhibit at the Seattle Museum of Flight : April 11 — September 7, 2015 Peter R. Cavanagh, Guest Curator Powered human flight is now just 112 years old but birds have been flying for more than 150 million years. This exhibition at the Seattle Museum of Flight (April 11 and running through September 7) […]

Audubon Awards

Each year the Audubon Society selects the Top 100 Bird Photographs of the Year. Peter Cavanagh’s images, shown below, have been awarded Top 100 honors in 2015, 2016, and 2017. 2017 Award Winning Image The Story behind the Shot:     A big part of the story of this shot was just getting there. Porto Jofre stands on […]

BIRD FACES: Headshots of 15 distinctive birds

Currently at The Southend Store, Lopez Island, WA until January 16, 2017 My primary photographic targets are birds in flight, so I spend a lot of time watching and waiting. Sometimes, a bird and I look at each other for long periods of time, each wondering when the other is going to move on. This […]